Industrial uniform 1001

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Industrial uniform 1001

Product Code: Industrial uniform 1001
About U-6
U6 is a brand derived from UNIFORM FOR ALL SOLUTION.
U6 gives complete solution to Uniform needs of all industries like Education, Industrial, Corporate, Hospitality, Aviation, Sports & etc. A Uniform is a symbol of discipline, cleanliness, equality, etc.
Any Uniform will make the concern department feel pride & also brings respects or value to the concern users. For example: A police officer is being respected by his diplomatic uniform only. Likewise In schools, Uniform are for creating equality among the children irrelevant of caste, community or authority.
U6 is not just a uniform cloth material. It is rather a "symbol of discipline". The brand instigates the discipline of school children who are the future of our nation.
U6 is a specially designed cloth materials by experienced fashion designers with complete solution, cotton to Garmenting according to customer’s customization which brings in the comfort and makes them feel free during the day.
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